A little about me

Welcome to my blog! 

Here I will chart my latest illustration adventures, talking about my latest projects, events and what I've been up to. I'll also be sharing my thoughts on the industry and writing blog posts to help others, whether you're a beginner, recent graduate, or a seasoned pro looking for a change.

So, a little about me to begin with -

My name is Emma, and I'm a freelance illustrator and author working mainly in children's books. I am also a character designer and have worked in animation for 6 years on many award winning productions and children's television series.

I am inspired by nature, history, animals, exploration, encouraging STEM, and seeing the magic in the everyday.

I think I am secretly a grandma because I love watching murder mysteries on television with a blanket and sipping Chambord. My favourite food is pizza. And I love bears, bats and cats, walking in the wild, and travelling the world.