So 2018 was a BIG year for me! And probably the best year of my life so far, which is a huge deal for me to say!

- I finished my 'Amara and the Bats' dummy book, a picture book I have written and illustrated.

- I went to Japan with my best friend, a place I have been wanting to visit since I was a young teenager. It was the best trip ever and I felt that I had found my spiritual home.

- I turned 30 years old! I spent it with my partner and close friends at a Totoro themed Birthday party.

- I signed with my fantastic agent Thao Le!
And two weeks after that, Thao secured me my first ever illustrator book deal with Simon and Schuster! I’ve been working away illustrating ‘Rescuing Ms. Birdley’ written by Aaron Reynolds since September.

- I can officially call myself a children's author and illustrator! I wanna thank everyone who has been following my work for years, and those who I've got to know this year - it really means so much to me. Thank you all so much and have a wonderful wintery break! :)